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Takoradi based musician educates fellows on effective Facebooking


Uhm lemme share this little information with my fellow Music Creators… Since I forgot to voice the technicalities during my FANTE Revolution TV interview


Most often I see posts of creators throwing shades and jabs at their friends, family, followers and fellow industry players… Mostly about support and what not

1. Facebook is a code (program), and all programs follow a pseudocode (algorithm)

2. The algorithm of Facebook dwells on interactive content.


Explaining further, when an account puts up a post,the post is shown to 10% of your total followers that 10% are the core people who always like,share and comment on your post.
These people decide if your post will be shown to the rest of your followers.. Meaning if they don’t react to your post Facebook decides your post deserves less reach, hence it is withdrawn from news feed and left sitting on your wall.
This process takes 10 minutes.. So an inactive post for the said duration is automatically deemed to a 0% reach. But if the post gains significant interaction within the first 10 minutes it is further displayed to the rest of your followers.

3. When business links are pasted on Facebook it is given a 10-0% reach (because Facebook wants to keep people on Facebook not redirect them out)

These links ( music,purchase,..) are recommended to be on pages and boosted to reach people.

4. Tag response also affects your reach, the more your tags are rejected, removed and hidden deems your post less relevant

5. Not using your account to post content also reduces your reach automatically.

6. Facebook calculates your reach metrics in a compound manner and uses its push your post to your followers. Meaning your post engagement is always compared to the previous and used to decide how long your current post lasts.


So knowing all these bear in mind that your followers don’t hate or dislike you. They simply don’t see your posts.
The question then remains how do you then increase your reach?

1. Increase your engagement (especially within the first 10 minutes of your new post).

2. It’s best achieved by posting content that will drive people to react on your post, the more interactive your content..the better.

3. Don’t post links to your songs and things you want to promote but rather talk and hype it (I’m sure whoever is interested will Google search your name against the song title) or promote it with your page by boosting it.

4. Don’t tag people who won’t be interested.. In fact don’t tag.

5. Form a clique of about 10 people and activate notification for each other. Comment and like each other’s post immediately you get notified.

6. Post visually appealing content (I’d refrain from porn )

7. Check the time you post content since you want your 10% core following to see your posts.

8. Caption is everything

I hope this answers some of your mind bugging issues on Facebook.

They just don’t see your posts… All you have is 10 minutes.

Thanks for reading

Br. Nate

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