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Singlet apologises to Takoradi bloggers about what he said

NKZ music signee and Takoradi recording artist, Singlet has apologized for his comments made on Empire Fm’s Entertainment review show with Feeling Daddy last Saturday.

The “Playman” crooner stated emphatically that “there are no bloggers in Tadi”, a comment most players in the Takoradi entertainment industry were not happy about.

“First of all i am very sorry for what i said on Empire FM ,i do apologize for that. I think it was a miss communication and not exactly what i meant about the taadi bloggers but since it didn’t go down well with my brothers all that i can say is sorry .All that i was trying to say was we all have to be each others helper because I have got love for taadi” Singlet wrote on his facebook account.

Singlet is currently out with his new single “Playman” which has received lukewarm reviews from music critics. Last Sunday He revealed to DJ Bibini on his mix show “Jawuley Zone” live on Melody FM 91.1 that they spent $10,000 to shoot the visuals for the new record which will be out before 2018.

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