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Qwesi flex shares his entry into the music industry with a Chat with pka


“A CHAT WITH PKA” had an interview with one of the fast and growing artist in the western region Qwesi Flex, and he had this innocent feel in his chat asking “so what is your intention here with me?” upon him being the fast and one of the most recognized artist in western Region his warm and beautiful personality was so amazing. His warm reception thought me something in life and I will forever appreciate that! Finally after a bit of rambling the whole interview began, “A CHAT WITH PKA “is here to find out whom Qwesi Flex is? And His Journey in the Music Industry?


Okay, Great!”” I can help you with that” He Replies.

McLawrence Acquah, is my Christian name, was born and raised in Takoradi but from Swedru (the only child of my parents) I am a circular artiste because I do my best on any genre I find myself on. In growing up I was shy and very cool of which I still am but doing away with the shyness because of show business. I started my elementary school in Pentecost preparatory school, located at New Site in Sekondi-Takoradi where I had my Junior High education, from there I offered Graphics in Bompeh Senior High School also in Sekondi Takoradi but yet to attain my tertiary education.

Doing Music Was really hard in the beginning. Dad shown zero interest from the scratch But my determination is turning things the other way round, still on the journey though. I choose music because I believe that talent should never be wasted.

God always has a reason to every talent He gives to His creation, I noticed I can do music at a very tender age but the believe was not present by then, as maturity took place gradually I then believed in myself.

It all started way back in high school, somewhere in 2012, was a bit funny though, I actually started as a rapper but lol this is how it all happened;


One morning in school, a classmate got some few rap lines on a paper in a kidding manner, sat by me and sang it to me; I found it interesting but didn’t let it show. So when it was break time he left the paper with me and I decided not to go for break because of the paper, I stayed in class and before I realized I’ve already filled the paper with rhymes in addition to what he left after break, I sat him down gave him the lines I got and amazingly he told everyone the magic I’ve done. Suddenly I was surrounded by the whole class and they all wanted to hear the flow. I gave it to them, they hailed me and it started from there.

I then realized I got something in me as far as music is concerned.

So I worked on it very well and consulted one of the big rappers in the school just to coach me and take me to the studio to record. The song came out then started trending with other rap performances here and there.

I started music with the name “Yung Nero” because I was a fan of “NERO X” he has been one of the greatest influences in my career and still is!


Qwesi Flex came into existence when I had some positive people in the industry to advice me in changing the old Name.

I am very particular about my image and looking at how young I am and comparing what am doing with big artists, I think am on the right track. And with my lyrics I create them based on natural experiences, mostly out of personal incidents… honestly my music comes out of feeling, I don’t write them down, I create them when in the studio.

He then revealed to “A CHAT WITH PKA’ how hard it is in western region for new artist to enter the industry and his achievements in the industry.

“It hard here bro, no one will be willing to hear you, you’ll have no say even when things aren’t going right

A whole lot to things

Talk of airplay and other stuff regardless how dope you music sounds but it’s just a matter of Prayer, Hard work and Determination, these are the only weapons needed to complete the journey” but with the achievement I won the New Artiste in this year’s Western Music Awards.

And am currently on the promo of my recently released tune with 4X4 and planning on the video shoot too.


His final question was a question from our Game element “who would win a fight between Ras Ebo and willisbeatz” ?

“Ras Ebo of course” he replied “Because I think he can beat Willisbeatz up and also Ebo looks physically fitter than WillisBeatz.

It was so amazing having a chat with McLawrence Acquah known in show business as Qwesi Flex for his hit songs #TOO MUCH ft 4X4,Nayemekye ft Nero X and much more .God bless you for your time.


Please check below for a screen shoot of our chat!


A CHAT WITH PKA: By Paa Kwesi Alor
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