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KOBE PANFORD: A Chat with PKA; He Reveals ‘Clickshot-Gh’ is still vibrant not fading!

I have a lot more from Kobe Panford popularly known as Citicode Kay Panford from a ‘A CHAT WITH PKA’ but for now I can report that Kobe Panford has made it known to ‘A chat with PKA ‘that Click shot-Gh is not fading when he was asked how vibrant Click shot-Gh is?

The CEO of clickshot Kobe Panford after admitting that the media house facing some challenges made it known to us that Clickshot-Gh is still vibrant and working till date.

He said “I can’t be working at one place thus Takoradi, I do travel out of Takoradi a lot but Clickshot-Gh isn’t fading, Clickshot-Gh is a big project that am working on, it not just a photography  company but am into graphics, radio, modeling agency’ video and a lot more.

People do see me in the camera industry than the others but we still working.

Our vision is to get to the international level and open a design school of art but the challenge am facing now is building the other sections of the company.

He then made it known to us that the main brain behind Clickshot-Gh media house is Hon. Ato Panford his Dad but his finally words for lovers of Clickshot-Gh is that they should expects more work from him not just photography but an art piece.

From our Game element he was asked to Advice his Ex!

I don’t hold any beef with them, we still friends, I love them all and they all part of my fans he replied!

It was nice having Mr. Kobe Panford as our guest on ‘A chat with PKA’

Please check below for the screen shot of our chat..

A CHAT WITH PKA: By Paa Kwesi Alor
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