Upon A chat with PKA meeting Mr. Stephen Nana Kweku Takyi Quansah popularly known on social media as Nana Midas. The young CEO of one of the fast rising Comedy Oriented event and production company in Ghana Known as MPHASE. He revealed to “A CHAT WITH PKA” his vision of becoming an artist which later turned into Him being a young CEO.

According to him “well early on I wanted to be an artist because I had the gift of art, then I figured out that I was exceptional with computers , then I found out I was good with talking, then I was great with event organizing so that’s sort of it lol, but am going to be back at all of them soon in the next ten years to come” so since I found out I was good at event organizing I sought to start a company around that and finally settled on building a comedy oriented event and production company. Personally I love comedy, I mean who doesn’t? Lol, but I settled on comedy because of two reasons, 1, because I felt like nobody is giving it the necessary attention in our part of the world and
2,because I had a friend who was very funny but not working lol. So figured I start something to help him turn his talent into something better. The name of the company is MPHASE.


Mphase stands for Multiple Phases and just that the company has multiple divisions of phases there are five phases of the company,

1. comedy school – where we teach the comedians

2.production – for our TV, series, show and comedy videos

3.Advertisements and sales – for sales of souvenirs and products of the company

4. Event management – for standup comedy events

5.talent management – where we manage the trained comedians.

Presently we are working on the Mphase Television which is an online television station with program solely centered on comedy. This will give the public the chance to enjoy the very best of comedy in the comfort of their homes on YouTube and our social media handle.
There are already two comedy series in our camp that we are working on and will let the public know about it soon
We have also introduced the first of its kind Facebook Live standup comedy show themed LET THEM LAUGH which will premiere on 30th of September 2017.

For now our school is closed to the public mainly because we are testing out our custom built comedy course with the first class of comedians. We hope to open our doors for others very soon after we are done perfecting the first class.
Well our current vision is to be the household name in comedy by next five years and with that I think our main challenge will be bridging the gap between our Ghanaian comics and the Other African countries comic.
I plan to be in the current position as the CEO for the next 4 years, the reason is that I’ll have to
move to my other love – COMPUTER and TECHNOLOGY, a silicon valley worth software
company right here in Ghana but In the next 10 years I would like to see my company amongst the mostly recognized, like Comedy Central and others’.

On our Game element he was asked to describe the color yellow to a blind person and this was his response “It is a warm, soft color, like a baby chick, or the warmth of sunlight in springtime streaming through a window warming up a patch on the carpet. After our chat with Mr. Stephen Nana Kweku Takyi Quansah we released indeed God has purpose for everyone not all our childhood dreams come to pass.

Below are Screen shot of our Chat;

A CHAT WITH PKA: By Paa Kwesi Alor
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