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 CHEF EMMANUEL APPOH: A Chat with PKA; He Reveals ‘He is set to run a restaurant!

An interview with Chef Emmanuel Appoh popularly known as Nuel: from “A CHAT WITH PKA”- the 25-years-old chef set to run a restaurant.

The magic touch isn’t something you can learn: you either have it or you don’t. It’s a mix of talent, determination and luck which, catering business is inextricably bound to both culinary and business skills. Emmanuel Appoh has certainly got the magic touch, as demonstrated by the Nuel’s Food zone he runs  at the age of 25.

His career started under the guidance of his parents during his early stages of life, he read a catering course in Senior High School and then Hospitality Management in University of Cape Coast which pushed him a step ahead to set up his own company called NUEL’S FOODZONE. It’s all started during his final year in the university 18th October 2015.

He was finally hooked with “A CHAT WITH PKA” and this happened!

How did you achieve this career as a chef?

It has been a journey with so many hurdles. First and foremost, I have always wanted to be a chef owing to that I lived my life in pursuit of achieving my dreams. I acquired the skills in cookery from home through my Mum. I then pursued a full  culinary program in Senior High School then furthered it in the university so that  how have been able to use all these knowledge in promoting my business and setting a standard. As a child have always been cooking and serving my Family.

What Motivated your companies choose of Name?

Nuel is from my first Name Emmanuel and food zone is a combination of Food + Zone. Food is anything that nourishes and sustains. It can also be any substance consumed by living organisms especially by eating  in order to sustain life where as a zone is given area distinguished on a basis of a particular characteristic, use, restriction among others. There for Nuel’s FoodZone is an area designated to provide food to all Class of people. It an area because it my dream to open a restaurant but I started with catering service to raise funds for my dreams.

What kept you going within these two years?

GOD! He has been with me since its inception. I am always motivated to do more anytime our clients appreciate our services that are more satisfying to me than the money I get at the end of the day. The two years hasn’t been easy, I have the best team and they are very committed to me and the brand. That has always kept me going!

What are the challenges so far?

We encountered some difficult clients that make services very slow. Also there have been times we have catered for an event but the budget of clients was below our price range but we just have to work within their means and provide them with something quality. And also combining work with school and after school with my national service was stressful but we did it.

What should we expect from you five years to come?

Five years from now I would have started operating the restaurant and opened Nuel’s FoodZone Accra Branch.

What is the vision and mission of Nuel’s FoodZone?

Vision Statement: To provide quality meals to all class of people

Mission Statement: To be one of the best eatery worldwide.

How do you deal with Stress and pressure?

When there is pressure I’m mostly focused, quiet and I forget my surrounding then I just work and I mostly rest anytime I get the chance because you hardly get free time in this industry so I sleep when there is the need to!


If you could be any animal in the world, what animal will you be and why?


I would wish to be an Eagle, they have vision and are fearless, you must have vision that guides and leads your team towards organizational goal, and the vision must be big and focused. Successful leaders are fearless. Eagles are not afraid of how big their prey is they always attack them irrespective of their size.


It was such an honor having Mr. Emmanuel Appoh as my guest on “A CHAT WITH PKA” we pray and wish all your dreams come to pass. Thank you so much for your time.


A CHAT WITH PKA: By Paa Kwesi Alor
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