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A CHAT WITH PKA: interview with fashion designer Tailor Rahim

With this new interview series, I hope to shed light on Millennia’s who are striving toward creative goals.

On October 26 2017, I had an interview with fashion designer Ibrahim Yahaya Anafo well know as Tailor Rahim through his Facebook Messenger. He founded AnafoBisi Clothing, his self-named fashion line. Read on to learn about his journey, and what it’s really like to start out in the fashion industry.

What sparked your interest in fashion? (Was it a childhood dream?):

I didn’t have any dream of that sort like fashion or being a fashion designer, I just wanted to change the world to find the cure for cancer. A scientist, it happened in the University

When I started being very aware of the things I wear then I realized looking good was essential as to how people will see you. That’s where it started. That’s where my interest in Fashion started but to start a line was after my national service when I realize I could make money out of making others look really good.

Why the Name AnafoBisi Clothing for your Fashion Line?

It’s a phrase actually The Anafo is a family name and I am Frafra so in my language children is Bisi.

So put together its Anafo’s children it shows Originality, sense of identity and belonging

How long do you plan to stay in the Fashion Business?

The target is to be the Fashion house that exports Native wears and Kaftans to other countries aside Ghana.

I think it will be a long while. We trying to put up showrooms in different business centers, we setting up a showroom in Takoradi soon to serve as a distribution center from the western region to increase our customer base and then gradually set up in other regions We’ve also started building relations with other people outside our borders.

Has there ever been a Time you wanted to give up?

A couple of times! Somewhere 2016, I lost all my workers, it was difficult. I tried finding already made workers to help with the studio work, I couldn’t find any. The ones I found weren’t good enough for the type of end product I want. I also had huge work load just felt giving up because the constant phone calls and pressure was huge. The image of the brand I started was under serious threat, I really didn’t know what to do, because the brand has gained root and was building up whiles I had other personal issues at the same time, I had every reason to give up, but I always think about why I started and the future.

How is the fashion industry in Takoradi?

It’s a gold mine; there is a lot of business here in Takoradi in terms of fashion.

We hardly saw any Fashion shows down here years back, but now we have a lot of these shows here which tells you it’s getting huge.

Do you have any artist you wish to take full control of their wore-drop?

I have a couple: Ayesem, Expo, Snow Babyboi, Kuul Boi XO and Eshun


Who would win a fight between Yao Mawutor Fianu and Ralph Menz?

Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!  I think it’s a draw


A CHAT WITH PKA: By Paa Kwesi Alor
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