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6 Sad Stories Gathered From Late Ebony’s Final Funeral

1. I Bought Ebony’s Glass Casket And Paid For The Mortuary Bills – Dr. Lawrence Tetteh

Rev. Canon Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, the Founder of UK-based World Miracle Outreach and International Evangelist has revealed that not only did he pay for the magnificent glass casket that Ebony Reigns was buried in, he also paid for the mortuary bills.

According to the renowned man of God who delivered the funeral sermon during Ebony’s burial service, he did all that because of the love for the late singer whom he personally took as his daughter.

Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, however, added that it wasn’t his interest to make known to the public how much expenses he has had made regarding the funeral of the dancehall artiste. The international Evangelist said: Ebony Reigns with Dr. Lawrence Tetteh

“I bought the glass casket and paid for the mortuary bills, not because I didn’t know what to do with my money but just to show “we love you Ebony,” Dr. Lawrence Tetteh warmly informed the late singer.

During the same sermon today, 24th March, the preacher bemoaned how sad and disappointing he feels whenever he sees entertainment personalities and men of God who should know better using the name of the late singer for popularity.

Describing Ebony Reigns, the man of God stated that “Ebony was receptive,” and she is glad to have known her. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh met Ebony at the Hungarian Embassy in Accra and led her to God 3 days before she

2. Video:Ebony Reigns look-alike causes stir at funeral grounds which had many shouting “Ebony, Ebony is back”

The late dancehall songstress, Ebony Reigns, Known in Private life a Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng has been laid to rest today, March 24, at the Osu cemetery in Accra.

A young lady, however, who looks like the late dancehall artiste Ebony Reigns has caused a great stir at the funeral grounds of the musician as people are trooping to catch a glimpse of her. Ebony Lookalike Storms funeral grounds.

Onlookers at the funeral grounds started chanting Ebony,Ebony and according to reports we gathered on some local radio stations have people suggesting that it is the dancehall artiste herself —But a video we sighted indicates otherwise, meaning she’s just her look alike.

3. Video: Watch when Mzbel and other Ghanaian Celebrities paid their last respect to Ebony


This morning when the remains of Ebony was laid in state for family and loved ones to pay their last respect to the sensation Afro-Dancehall diva, Ghanaian celebrities were also given the opportunity to file past the remains of the late singer.

Among the celebrities who were spotted earlier showing their last respect to Ebony Reigns were Mzbel and Tornado.

4. Thousands of Ghanaians weep at Ebony’s graveside while she’s finally laid to rest

Ghanaian dancehall act Priscilla Opoku Kwateng Known in showbiz as Ebony Reigns was finally interred at the Osu cemetery in Accra.

The singer who was involved in an accident earlier this year, was finally sent off after a burial service was held at the forecourt of the state house today.

Family and loved ones turned up in their numbers amidst the heavy downpour to pay their last respect to the songstress.

At her graveside, the officiating Pastor Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh committed the soul of the late singer to the almighty God with the words.

“We present you back to the earth, dust to dust, ashes to ashes, earth to earth. We pray that the Almighty God will receive you safely, so do we also pray that everybody will look at your life and how you’ve gone and realise that everybody will go one day, so we work out our salvation with fear and tremble. I pray in the name of Jesus, that we will not live carelessly and life anyhow but we will live and live our lives to gratify God,”

A hymn titled ‘Trust in Him’ was sung for her which got those present to shed tears.

5. Exclusive photos from Ebony’s funeral

Ebony’s funeral is ongoing at the Forecourt of the State House in Accra. As usual, pictures have started emerging.

Though there were initial reports of heavy rains at the grounds, that did not hinder people from gracing the occasion as more people flood the forecourt of the State House to join the family of the late musician mourn their dearly departed.

Ebony Reigns, known in real life as Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng died in a fatal car accident along with 2 other people on February 8, 2018.

We bring to you the exclusive photos from the ongoing funeral from the Forecourt of the State House where celebrities, Reverend ministers, Chiefs, Ministers and Various party officials, Her Schoolmates(MEGHIS) have gathered to pay their last respect to the fallen soul.


6. Everybody Cried But Ebony’s Sister Cries’ Simply Breaks Our Heart & We Feel So Sorry For Her

It’s sad to lose someone you know and depending on the relationship between you and the person who’s dead, you feel more pain and cry more sometimes than those who were not really close to her. It’s sad we had to lose Ebony but God knows best and she has finally been buried today at the Osu Cemetry.

Friends, family and loved ones, file-past her body that was laid in state at the forecourt of the Statehouse before she was put in a casket and buried. It was a very moody atmosphere at the funeral grounds as several people couldn’t stop crying upon seeing her dead body, which confirms that, yes indeed she’s dead and gone for good.

Ebony had a family and before her death, at least we got to know her big sister and they share some sort of resemblance. It’s obvious they were very close and ‘clicked’. When her death was announced, her sister, Foriwaa Opoku Kwarteng couldn’t stop crying and even at Ebony’s one-week observation, her tears broke many hearts.


It’s sad to lose your younger sibling and we can understand the pain she’s going through and it just hurts knowing it will take a long time before she would get over it. She had to be consoled and held by friends and family as she went to file past the mortal remains of her sister, who has died.

At the cemetery when Ebony was lowered, her cries worsened, and we are certain if cries could bring back the dead, Ebony would have returned to her. She just couldn’t hold it all it.

We are sorry Foriwaa. We feel your pain and we know how much it hurts. Have hope that, your sister has gone to the Lord and you would be able to see her again when Christ comes.

It’s a sad moment for us all. Ebony was very talented and we hope to have someone like her.

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